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Ned Roberts  Heavy Summer  (TBD)


SBT  Joan Of All (Ocean Omen)

Those Pretty Wrongs   Holiday Camp  (Curation)


Freddy Trujillo  Sketch Of A Man  (self-released)

Those Pretty Wrongs   Those Pretty Wrongs/Zed For Zulu  (reissue, Curation)


The Bootheels  1988: The Original Demos  (Omnivore)*

Ned Roberts  From The Reels  (self-released)


The Relationship  Together Tomorrow (self-released)

Kyle McNeill  New Prescription  (Electrosound)

Vug Arakas  Tough Luck  (Ungawa)

Fernando  Justicia  (Domingo)

Kyle McNeill  “New York City Wants To Kill Me”  (single, self-released)

Fabiano Do Nascimento  Prelúdio  (Now-again)*

Fever The Ghost  “Amaranthine”  (single, Swell Swan)*

Liam Hayes   Mirage Garage  (Weird Vacation)

Ned Roberts  Dream Sweetheart  (Aveline)


Those Pretty Wrongs   Zed For Zulu  (Burger)*

Fernando  Traitors Table  (Fluff & Gravy)

Paul Brainard  Steel Guitar Moods  (self-released)  

Those Pretty Wrongs  “Time To Fly” b/w “A Day In The Park”  (7″ single / cassingle, Burger)*


Liam Hayes   “Herr Garage”  (Boss Sounds: 15 Tracks Of The Month’s Best Music, Uncut Magazine cover mount CD)

Liam Hayes   Mirage Garage  (cassette, Decorated Pear)

Savoir Faire  Black Trash  (Tantra/Ungawa)

Golden  Night Shock (self-released)

   Miranda Lee Richards  “Colours So Fine”  (7″ single, Invisible Hands)

Robyn Hitchcock & His L.A. Squires   “Insanely Jealous (live)” b/w “I Pray When I’m Drunk (live)”, “If You Were A Priest (live)”    (7″ single, Yep Roc)


Fernando “Rata”  (The Portland Edition, American Leather Records)

Ned Roberts  “Drifting Down”  (Sonic Blooms (UK Alt-Folk & New Roots Rising, Folk & Honey)

      Eli & The Itches  Eli & The Itches (self-released)

Fernando  “Save Me” EP  (Domingo)

Ned Roberts  Outside My Mind  (Aveline)

Fabiano Do Nascimento  Tempo Dos Mestres  (Now-again)

Danny De La Matyr  Crybaby  (Pretty Olivia)


Savoir Faire  Street Of A Thousand Pleasures  (cassette, Tantra/Wiener)

Kyle McNeill  Songs From Ocean Isle  (self-released)

Eli & The Itches  “Haunt Me”  (single, self-released)

Those Pretty Wrongs  Those Pretty Wrongs  (Ardent/Burger)*

Vug Arakas  Smoke  (EP, self-released)

Eli & The Itches  “What A Funny Feeling”  (single, self-released)

Fernando  “No Regrets”  (Five Years Of Gravy, Fluff & Gravy)*


Trujillo  “Aztlan”  (Rough Trade Counter Culture 15, Rough Trade Shops CD)

Vug Arakas  “Miss You Kid”  (single, self-released)

Fernando  Leave The Radio On  (Fluff & Gravy/Decor)*

Calvin Love  Super Future  (Arts & Crafts)*

Vug Arakas  “Strange Way b/w “Your Appeal”  (cassingle, Ungawa)

Those Pretty Wrongs  “Lucky Guy” b/w “Fool Of Myself”  (7″ single / cassingle, Burger)*

The Relationship  “Oh Allen” b/w “Young Temptations”  (cassette, Burger)*

The Relationship  “Oh Allen” b/w “Young Temptations”  (7″ single, Burger)*

Calvin Love  “Automaton”  (single, Arts & Crafts)*

Calvin Love  “I Wanna Know”  (single, Arts & Crafts)*

Calvin Love  “Daydream”  (single, Arts & Crafts)*

Calvin Love  “Daydream”/ “Automaton”/ “Midnight Melodies”  (cassingle, Arts & Crafts)*

Fabiano Do Nascimento  Dança Dos Tempos  (Now-again)


Fernando  “The Dogs” b/w “Donna The Pride Of Topeka”  (7″ single, Domingo)*

Will And The Won’ts  “Wake Up Clean” b/w “Get Out”  (7″ single, self-released)

Cabezafuego  Camina Conmigo  (FOLC)

Ned Roberts  Ned Roberts  (Ungawa)

Savoir Faire  Street Of A Thousand Pleasures  (Tantra/Cabeza De Toronado)

Trujillo  Amexica  (Ungawa)

Fernando  “Wings Of A Dove”  (Deer Lodge: A Tribute To George Jones, Deer Lodge)

Danny De La Matyr  “Lines”  (Powerpop Planet Vol. 3, Pop Geek Heaven)

Vug Arakas  “Start Again” b/w “Slow Going”  (7″ single, Ungawa)


Ned Roberts  “Blues#6” b/w “Down In Lines”  (7″ single, Ungawa)

Danny De La Matyr  “Lines” b/w “How Can It Be”  (7″ single, self-released)

  Sakes  Sakes  (cassette, Ungawa)

Ned Roberts “Red Sun” b/w “Bound To Fall”  (7″ single, Ungawa)

Witch’s Jagari Chanda  “Kwamununga” b/w “That’s What I Told You”  (single, Now-Again)

Fever The Ghost  “Rounder” b/w “Her Earth”  (7″ single, Swell Swan)

Folks “My Mother”  (single, Ignition)

Sarabeth Tucek  “If I Knew”  (Reason To Believe – The Songs of Tim Hardin, Full Time Hobby)


Bizardunak  Ur Ederra Kirats Infinituan  (Baga Biga)

Folks “Say Something”  (single, Ignition)

Folks  I See Cathedrals  (Ignition)

Folks  “Skull & Bones”  (single, Ignition)

Sarabeth Tucek   “Time To Go”  (free download, self-released)

Folks “Avalanche”  (Now Hear This!, Word Magazine)

Folks “Skull & Bones”  (single, Big Flame)


Folks  I See Cathedrals  (mini-album, Big Flame)

Folks  “Avalanche”  (single, Big Flame)

Sarabeth Tucek  Get Well Soon  (Double CD version, includes In My Room Demos, Sonic Cathedral)

Sarabeth Tucek  “Smile For No One”  b/w “Something/Anything” & “Get Well Soon (In My Room Demo)”  (UK single, Sonic Cathedral)

Holly Miranda  “Pelican Rapids”  (free download, self-released)

Sarabeth Tucek  Get Well Soon  (Sonic Cathedral/Ungawa)

Sarabeth Tucek  Get Well Soon: In My Room Demos  (Rough Trade bonus CD, Sonic Cathedral)

Sarabeth Tucek  “State I Am In” b/w “Shadows” / “State I Am In (In My Room Demo)”  (UK single, Sonic Cathedral)

Sarabeth Tucek  “Get Well Soon” b/w “Exit Ghost (In My Room Demo)”  (U.S. single, Ungawa)

Savoir Faire  Hooray For Hollywood  (Tantra/Cabeza De Toronado)

Luke Rathborne  Luke Rathborne  (True Believer)*

Luke Rathborne  I Can Be One EP/ Dog Years EP  (Dilettante)*


Sarabeth Tucek  “Shadows”  (Wooly Jumpers, Wool)

The Relationship  The Relationship  (Golden State)*

Sarabeth Tucek  “Splash 1 (Now I’m Home)”  (Psychedelic Sounds Of The Sonic Cathedral: A Tribute To Roky Erickson, Sonic Cathedral)


Horse Stories  November, November (Perfect Black Swan)

Sarabeth Tucek  “Something For You”  (Cathedral Classics Volume One, Sonic Cathedral)*

Richmond Fontaine  Winnemucca (reissue, El Cortez)*

Folks  “Dirty Words” b/w “Nest” (7″ single, Airco)

Sarabeth Tucek  “The Doctor” (7″ single, Wool)


Noah Kelly “Where’s the Revolution”  (single, self-released)

Sarabeth Tucek “Goodnight”  (The White Album Recovered – No. 0000002, Mojo Magazine)

Sarabeth Tucek  “Three Imaginary Boys”  (Perfect As Cats: Tribute To The Cure, Manimal Vinyl)

Tom McKean & The Emperors  “This Is The Year”  (single, Autonomy)

Ain “Wanna Die Like Jesus” b/w “Buying Stars”  (7″ single, unreleased)

Papillon  “Flyby” b/w “Spring Powers & Freakbeat #2″  (7″ single, unreleased)

Sarabeth Tucek  “Nobody Cares” / “Ambulance”  (CD single, Echo)*

Sarabeth Tucek  “Home”  (Angels Fall II, Fierce Angel Records)*

Sarabeth Tucek  “Hot Tears”  (Now Hear This!, Word Magazine cover mount CD)*

Sarabeth Tucek  “Something For You”  (CD single, Echo)*


Noah & The Whale (with Laura Marling)  “To Cyril At Crunkmas”  (single, self-released)

Sarabeth Tucek  Sarabeth Tucek  (Echo)*

Sarabeth Tucek  “Something For You”  (7″ single, Sonic Cathedral)*


Ollin  San Patricio EP  (Ollin)

The Relationship The Relationship (Original version/unreleased)


Richmond Fontaine Lost Son  (reissue, El Cortez)


Richmond Fontaine  “Lost Son”  (Comes With A Smile Vol. 7 – Back Into The Shadows, Comes With A Smile)

Richmond Fontaine  Winnemucca  (El Cortez)*

Ollin  Sons Of The Shaking Earth  (Brotherhoods)

Freddy Trujillo  Hawks And Highways  (In Music We Trust)

The Triggerlocks  Gold @ Anything  (self-released)

Fernando   Justicia  (unreleased)


Baseboard Heaters  Lost All Faith  (self-released)

A.C. Cotton  Halfway Down  (In Music We Trust)


Mel Brown  Mister Groove  (Karman Policy)*

Ken Bott  A Very Late Debut  (self-released)

Caleb Klauder …Sings Out  (Padre)

Fernando  “Always Reminded”  (Deep Roots 3:The Troutdale Poetry Experiment, Deep Roots)


Richmond Fontaine   Lost Son  (Cavity Search)

Fernando  Old Man Motel  (Cravedog)


Warren Pash  Parts Unknown  (Cravedog)

Fernando  Pacoima  (Cravedog)


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